“Million Dollar Shoot-Out”



Junior Achievement, through Louisiana Legacy is proud to announce the return of the

“Million-Dollar Shoot-Out” at the October 28, 2019 tournament event.

Up to six (6) qualifying opportunities will be available for participating golfers, with the final shoot-out to be held on event day, at Country Club of Louisiana’s Hole 18. *Official Rules apply, see below.

We’re excited to continue this event and the tradition of excellence and uniqueness that makes so much of Junior Achievement’s work in our community possible.

For more information about this year’s Shoot-Out, contact: Michele Carbo, at mcarbo@jabatonrouge.com.


Million Dollar Shoot-Out Official Rules
a. MAX ONE WINNER. This is a shoot-out, the first qualifier who hits the hole in one will be deemed the winner. Shoot-out player order will be chosen at random.
b. Videotaping of shot(s) is required from a location adjacent to the target green and all contestants must sign the official sign-in form provided by AHNO.
c. Two (2) witnesses are required, one positioned at the tee and the other at the target green. One (1) of the official witnesses must be either a PGA-certified professional or law enforcement official.
d. If qualifying rounds are used to determine the finalist(s), total yardage must be a minimum of 15 yards different from the qualifying round(s) yardage and the pin placement may be required to be changed.
e. No shots may be attempted from the yardage listed on the contract by an official contestant on the same day as the grand prize attempt. It is the responsibility of the client and/or sponsor to ensure that signage on display communicates to potential or actual finalist(s) that the prize is not available during any preliminary rounds or tournaments.
f. Sponsor agrees to protect, indemnify and hold harmless AHNO from any cost or expenses arising from any and all claims by tournament contestants alleged to have been caused by any act or omission, negligent or otherwise, of the sponsor or tournament director. Contract not valid unless signed and returned with payment at least one day prior to event. Any fulfillment provided will be based upon the warranties and conditions on page 2 of this contract, all of which the Sponsor acknowledges to have read and to understand and be willing to abide by.
1. SIGNED CONTRACT & PAYMENT – A signed contract (two pages) and payment by check , credit card, or wire transfer must be received by American Hole ‘n One, Inc. (AHNO) prior to the day of the tournament. Coverage is not provided without payment and signed contract.
2. CONFIRMATION OF TERMS – AHNO will Fax, or email written confirmation on all telephone communications prior to the tournament. Only a signed and completed AHNO application received prior to tournament date will supersede prior communications of terms and conditions. Once a contract is established, any changes to the contract must be provided by AHNO in writing.
3. CONTESTANT ELIGIBILITY – Prize coverage fee charges are based upon three categories of shots: those taken by amateurs; those taken by professionals (as defined by USGA guidelines); those taken by PGA, LPGA and foreign touring professionals. You must correctly state the number of shots to be taken in each category to have a valid contract. For example, for a tournament in which professionals are playing with amateurs and are not designated as ineligible to win hole-in-one prizes, the number of each type of contestant must be clearly stated on this contract. If a professional golfer is eligible to win any hole-in-one prize(s), the individual must be counted as a participant in this contract. All players must be officially registered competitors in the specific event named on this contract.
4. FORMAT OF EVENT – The event covered on page 1 of this contract must be a golf shootout. A shootout is defined as an event with any number of shot(s) taken at a golf course, independent driving range, or other custom location outside of the normal round of play of a golf tournament. The format of the shootout, qualification of contestants, and custom event location (if applicable) is subject to approval by AHNO.
5. WITNESSES – All official witnesses must be non-participants, age 18 or older, and appointed by sponsor or responsible tournament official as follows: Prize limits to $99,999 require two witnesses, one of whom is positioned at the tee-off area and the other of whom is positioned adjacent to the hole, out of harm’s way. For prize limits of $100,000 or more, two witnesses are required, positioned in the same manner as described above, one of whom must be a PGA certified professional or law enforcement official.
6. VIDEOTAPE – For shootouts, regardless of prize value, must be video recorded. In the event of a claim, the raw, unedited video recording of the winning shot must be submitted to AHNO. The recording must show the exact position of the golfer in relation to the tee, the actual swing of the golfer, the flight of the ball (as best as may be captured), the landing of the ball on the green, the ball dropping into the cup and remaining in the cup, and the ball being removed from the cup. The person recording the shot should be positioned behind the green, filming toward the tee area. Recordings that are not one
continuous filming with edits may not be valid. It is the responsibility of the named client on page one to verify that all recording equipment is functional, including adequate battery power.
7. YARDAGES – The target hole(s) will measure from the tee to the flagstick, no less than the specified yardage on this contract. Women may shoot from a maximum of 15 yards less than men, without affecting the contract rate; however, in no event may any contestant shoot at the main prize hole(s) from less than 135 yards.
8. NUMBER OF SHOTS – Each shot taken for the target hole must be accurately stated on the contract.
9. CHANGES TO THE NUMBER OF SHOTS – Changes to the number of shots, without regard to the reason or the number of shots to be taken, must be called in to AHNO prior to the shootout. You may communicate any changes in required coverage via phone at 800-822-2257 (outside of normal business hours you can reach our emergency 24/7 phone or leave a message in AHNO’s Emergency Mail Box) or via fax at (770) 271-4007, or contact AHNO’s general email inbox at info@ahno.com. It is imperative that adjustments to the number of shots are notified prior to the start of the tournament, as adjustments after the day of the tournament may not be awarded.
10. MULLIGANS & PRACTICE SHOTS – Absolutely no practice shots or mulligans are permitted on the target hole(s). Mulligan is defined as tournament or player providing or purchasing a do over of a shot. Mulligans may not be used to win prizes and are strictly prohibited.
11. CANCELLATIONS – If the tournament is cancelled for any reason, including weather, assuming no shots were taken on the target hole(s), a full refund less a $50 cancellation fee will be made, or this contract will be amended to a rescheduled rain date without additional charge. AHNO must be notified of any cancelled or rescheduled shootout prior to or within 24hrs from the date of the tournament.
12. TARGET HOLE – Only one pre-designated hole may be used on the target hole green. Coverage does not apply unless prize is offered on the EXACT target hole as specified in this contract.
13. SHOOTOUT REQUIREMENTS – If you are hosting a shootout and the main prize hole is used for qualifying shots or tournament play on the same day as the shootout, the yardage for the shots must vary by a minimum of 15 yards from that used for the qualifying rounds or tournament play. All shooting activity toward other nearby greens, flags or cups must be suspended and all golf balls must be cleared from the green and the surrounding area prior to the commencement of the contest and to each subsequent golfer’s shot.
14. PRIZE RESTORATION – PRIZE RESTORATION – AHNO will have a (1) winner maximum for that listed prize. Should more than one contestant make a hole in one that is verified and approved, the $1,000,000 (40 year annuity) will be split equally among the Acemakers for this event.
15. PRIVACY – AHNO will not release any information regarding shootout to any other parties other than client listed on page one unless authorized by client. The names and likeness of Sponsor and winner may be used by Sponsor and/or AHNO for promotional purposes without further compensation to the Sponsor or winning contestant.
16. CLAIM NOTIFICATION –Immediate telephone notice by sponsor to the claim department of AHNO must be reported no later than the first business day after shootout. Fax, mail or email AHNO the name, address, and telephone number of the winner, the official witnesses, the club pro, as well as the raw unedited videotape recording (if applicable).
17. DISPUTED CLAIMS – AHNO acts specifically in behalf of the sponsor named on this contract and specifically not as agent of any competitor in a tournament in which AHNO provides coverage. Any disputes are subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of Gwinnett County, Georgia with each party liable for their own attorney’s fees. Sponsor specifically waives the right to trial at any venue other than Gwinnett County, Georgia even if Sponsor’s state law can claim jurisdiction in the event of a dispute with AHNO. Don’t risk having a claim denied by neglecting to follow the simple terms and conditions of this contract.
*Be sure to have payment and signed contract received prior to the date of the event. (Check or credit card accepted). Sponsor must provide accurate yardage figures of your main hole-in-one prize(s) and an accurate count of amateur, professional and PGA/LPGA touring professional golfers.
These execution requirements are provided only as reminders, are not all inclusive and do not exceed or replace the terms and conditions of the contract between AHNO and the client. Important execution requirements per the terms & conditions include, but are not limited to:
1. YARDAGE – Signage provided for your tournament by AHNO states the prize and displays a hole number and minimum yardage. The main prize hole(s) must play from the minimum yardage listed on the contract and printed on the prize sign(s), regardless of tee box locations. IMPORTANT: It may be required to move the tee boxes to the correct yardage
2. WOMEN GOLFERS – On main prize hole(s), women may play from a maximum of 15 yards closer than men to a minimum distance of 135 yards, regardless of tee box locations. IMPORTANT: Women’s tee boxes may be required to be moved to the correct distance prior to the start of the tournament.
3. HOLE # – The signs provided by AHNO must be displayed on the correct hole number as stated on the contract. Tournament officials are responsible for confirming the prizes are displayed on the correct hole numbers. There is no valid prize coverage for a main prize placed/displayed on an incorrect hole number.
4. WITNESS REQUIREMENTS – Two non-playing witnesses (aged 18 or older) are required on each main prize hole. One witness must be positioned on the tee and one on the green in a location that allows the witness to clearly see the rise and fall of the golf ball and the ball go into the hole. All eligible hole in one shot attempts must be in the presence of the witnesses to be eligible for prize coverage. The tee witnesses must be able to verify that every golfer shoots from the minimum distance required per the contract.
5. NO MULLIGANS – No mulligans or practice shots are allowed at any time on target. Each golfer may have a maximum of one attempt regardless of the outcome of the shot.
6. AMATEUR GOLFERS ONLY – Hole in one prize coverage is valid for amateur golfers only (according to USGA guidelines), unless declared prior to tournament and stated on contract issued by AHNO.
7. TOURNAMENT PLAY ONLY – Prizes and signs are for tournament/event play only. Signs should be placed at the holes immediately prior to the event and should be removed after the final player has played a par 3 hole. No claims will be considered for players who are not part of the contracted tournament or event.
8. EVENT CANCELLATION – If the event is canceled or rescheduled, you must contact AHNO as soon as possible and no later than the first business day following the originally scheduled event date.
9. PRIZE CLAIM FOR A HOLE IN ONE – If any eligible golfer successfully makes a hole in one on any prize hole, immediate telephone notification must be made to the AHNO claims department (800-822-2257) no later than the first business day following the event. A signed affidavit and/or polygraph test by a professional polygraphist may be required from witnesses and/or tournament administrators to verify the facts of this claim.